by Artem Konevskikh

Workshops & Talks

October-December 2021
Cyborganic Ecosystems (for the Synthetic Landscape Lab, UIBK)
20 October 2021
Volumetric AI (with Egor Kraft for AI Arthathon 2.0)
19-22 October 2021
Mentoring at AI Arthathon 2.0
20-22 September 2021
Creative Coding (for Art&Science Master Programme at ITMO University)
26-28 April 2021
Collaborative Intelligence: A Volumetric Storytelling (with Current for UCL Bartlett)
April 2021
Synthetic Intelligence (for the Synthetic Landscape Lab, UIBK)
7-9 November 2020
Neural Networks in Visual Arts (for Archipelag 20.35)
July - August 2020
Yes we GAN (with Egor Kraft for New Media Laboratory)
20 April - 1 May 2020
Computer vision and neural networks for artists (for DA FEFU)
March 2020
Russian Hydrofutures (with Strelka KB for The Terraforming)
February 2019
Network of Cities (with Strelka KB for The New Normal)
2016 - now
Workshops on digital fabrication and rapid prototyping (for Centre for young innovators “Physics Kunstkamera”)