by Artem Konevskikh

Artem Konevskikh

Artem Konevskikh studied computer science at Moscow Institute of Radio Engineering and Automation (graduated in 2007) and then applied this knowledge in the field of experimental particle physics by developing data acquisition systems and doing data analysis for CERN and Institute for Nuclear Research RAS. He is also one of the founders of the maker-space - Physics Kunstcamera - in Troitsk, Moscow, where he is teaching the advance technologies for the rapid prototyping and software development. This brought him to Strelka Institute’s The New Normal program to research the impact of new technologies to the society. The result of this research experience is the Atoll project - speculative platform which uses neural networks for simulation of urban processes.

Currently Artem is working at Strelka KB where he is developing urban analysis tools as well as collaborating in artistic and research projects on implementation of artificial intelligence and neural networks into the design processes.